A Few Minor Changes in Habits Can Help Prevent Many Oral Emergencies

An injury or damage to your teeth can have some serious long term side effects. Some can even involve rather expensive restoration techniques and therapies. Here at we offer a few minor changes you can make in your daily habits to help prevent many oral emergencies. At the very least, you can be better prepared… Read more »

Don’t Forget These Dental Supplies on Your next Trip

At Midtown Dental Arts, we know summertime is traditionally a time when many of us travel, whether to explore our state by motor vehicle or jump on a plane to fly to new destinations or places we’ve loved before. To maximize your enjoyment, it helps to pack wisely. Dr. John Fonder in Tulsa, Oklahoma knows… Read more »

Can Wearing a Crown Brighten Your Smile?

At Midtown Dental Arts, Dr. John Fonder and our team are happy to offer dental crowns for our patients in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the neighboring communities. We offer dental crowns to replace the part of the tooth which is visible. Wearing a dental crown can improve your smile, whether by covering a damaged tooth (also… Read more »