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If you have suffered an oral accident or you simply want to cover up a problematic tooth, dental crowns may be what you are looking for. Dental crowns fit nicely and snuggly around any damaged tooth to give you the beauty and protection you deserve.

If your teeth fail to hold up on their own over a lifetime of wear and tear, dental crowns may be able to help. Listed below are a few ailments that crowns may be able to help you with:

– Irregularities: Dental crowns can help conceal many types of irregularities in tooth size or shape, and imperfections in color or curvature.
– Coverings: Dental crowns are great for covering fillings, bridges, implants, or root canals.
– Support: Dental crowns can support broken teeth by holding the pieces together, or even covering teeth that are nearly gone.
– Age: As we get older, our teeth age with us. Teeth can become weak and crack, split, or decay. Crowns work to protect teeth and prevent further damage.
– Cosmetic: Dental crowns can be crafted to mimic your other teeth for a natural, healthy look.

It’s hard to ignore the positive effects dental crowns have to offer. If you still have questions, please contact Midtown Dental Arts as soon as possible. If you would like an oral exam from Dr. John Fonder, we can be reached via phone at 918-747-8802, or you can set up an appointment at our office in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our friendly and professional team is always happy to help give you a healthy and beautiful smile.